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B4it - complex cheat mod (red balls, tundra, reload, cheat-lamp) WOT 0.9.16

B4it - complex cheat mod (red balls, tundra, reload, cheat-lamp) WOT 0.9.16
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  • Add Date: 04.10.2016
  • Current version: ver. 16.3
  • Rating: 5.0



Brand new hack mod B4it includes many cheat modifications already familiar to players of World of tanks 0.9.16. The distinguishing feature of this complex modification is that the code is written from scratch. The author managed to achieve maximum optimization, thereby the influence of illegal Assembly B4it on the level of frames per second (FPS) minimum.

So, what is included in the modification:
- Red orbs - mod shows the red sphere on the point of shooting an unspotted enemy artillery.
- Tundra - removal of vegetation on the battlefield.
- The reload timer that shows the time of charging weapons for enemies and for allies.
- Indication of the destruction of objects on the minimap will let you know about the coordinates, in which there are active movements of enemy vehicles.
- Improved indicator lamp sixth sense with the display of additional data after the trigger bulb.
- Auto repair and treatment of crew, Autoignition.
- Laser pointer from the trunks of the enemy will allow you to visually define the time when the enemies turn their guns in your direction.
- Displays the installed equipment at the selected target.

The mod will be constantly updated with new opportunities.
The mod takes place in the file


Use the editor Notepad++ is mandatory.

Available the mod right out of the hangar. Details in the screenshots.

Mod refers to prohibited. You use it at your own risk.


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1 melquancasin • 00:07, 18.01.2020
B4it and Ogre Ninja are the best mods for WoT. These mods come
directly from Wargaming and are controlled by Wargaming.
As long as you
always shop in the Wargaming store, you won't be banned.
Only if you play too
well or if you upset the players who work for Wargaming and are paid
by Wargaming will you get in trouble and your mod will be blocked
directly by Wargaming and